mymyuh: have you ever considered Information Science or some code/design hybrid versus Computer Science?

I was looking at a diploma at Sheridan college but I was talking to an IT friend and decided that a degree might be better in the long term. I attended a university for software engineering a few years ago but dropped out because the math was too intense. But I’ll be doing some online courses beforehand this time so I’m not too rusty. I’d like to get into software development or the game industry where I can flex my creative / aesthetic muscles. But on the other hand, I could also picture myself doing something like clinical information sciences where I get to work with doctors and help people. 

Anonymous: i really miss your work-- i hope to see some new one's soon! has school ended for you? hope you're doing well! ><

Hi! I’ve been working on the few odd things here and there for my studio practice (in my dad’s garage haha). I’m hoping to have a show next summer but we will see! And yes I am done school, and I’m probably going back next fall for Computer Science. Art school turned me into a neurotic and self-doubting creature and I think it’s taken a long time for me to gather any courage to paint or draw again. At first I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to create anymore, but I’ve finally slowly gotten back into it. I’m very happy to have settled on getting another degree in a field I’m very interested in and not having to worry anymore about “making it” within the fine arts world. Haha that was sort of a rant sorry 

Do people still paintchat anymore?? Or is it dead? I kinda miss it. I know niko’s has been a ghost town lately… If anyone knows any active paintchat sites let me know!! 


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Michael Shannon’s home in Red Hook, Brooklyn.




I am going to die….so good!